You Can Still Say That Your Kid is Most Adorable

Invisalign Teen is a clear plastic mold of your child’s teeth. With each tray change, a gentle force guides them into a perfect position. That means a few things for you:

  • Because Invisalign Teen is invisible, no metal wires and brackets will detract from your child’s cuteness.
  • Dental intervention into misaligned teeth, especially early on, can prevent a ton of problems that would require invasive procedures and repair later on.
  • If your child can remain comfortable during the most uncomfortable growing years of his or her life, you, the parent, can spend more time enjoying their bright smiles.

It Does Not Derail Your Family’s Lifestyle

Invisalign Teen is an excellent solution that does not hinder your child from perusing his or her hobbies. If they are completely free to play, so are you.

  • Traditional dental metal braces can leave your child vulnerable to mouth cuts and other injuries during sports and other physically demanding activities such as basketball, dance, or gymnastics.
  • For more high impact sports such as hockey or football, your child can simply take out their Invisalign Teen trays for the duration of the game and pop them back in when they are done. You don’t have to pay for expensive custom-made mouth guards that would fit over their dental wire braces.
  • Musically-inclined children can also benefit from Invisalign Teen as an alternative to traditional bracket and wires braces. Invisalign Teen is perfectly molded to their teeth, giving them a natural mouthfeel that is unlikely to interfere with the way they practice their brass or woodwind instruments, nor would they need to modify their technique.

You Continue to Teach Proper Oral Hygiene

You’ve spent years and years telling your child to brush and floss their teeth. Don’t worry, they don’t have to go to waste.

  • Because of the manageability of Invisalign Teen, your child’s diet will not have to change. They take a bite of an apple and have popcorn on movie nights as usual. Since their diet won’t change, neither will the hygiene routine you have long developed for them.
  • Unlike with traditional dental braces, you won’t have to buy special brushing gadgets and tools, nor will you have to buy an assortment of picks for flossing teeth and cleaning braces. The toothbrush, paste and floss on their bathroom counter is all they need.
  • This is all because Invisalign Teen gives your child the flexibility of taking off the trays and putting them back on. They will maintain the oral hygiene habits that you have been fostering for years. These practices will eventually remain with them well into adulthood, and they will thank you for it.

Invisalign is on Your Side

Understandably, you may be worried if your child will be able to wear them diligently for the length of the treatment, or the replacing them if they are lost. Worry not, Invisalign Teen is working for you.

  • Though the trays fit snuggly on the teeth and are unlikely to pop out, Invisalign Teen allows you to have up to 6 replacement aligners should your child lose any, absolutely free.
  • Additionally, on the Invisalign Teen trays, there are small blue dots that fade away with wear. These dots are essentially compliance indicators. You can monitor and hold your child responsible for the adherence to their Invisalign treatment.
  • Unlike with metal wire and brackets braces, Invisalign Teen trays are produced and given to you to change out every couple of weeks. No wires mean no biweekly trips to the dentist to tighten braces. Instead, you visit you would only be required to visit the dentist every 4-6 weeks for follow-ups. You, and now your child, no longer have to dread the dentist.